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Q: Can you cut material other than concrete?
A: Yes, though Bedrock Concrete Cutting specializes in steel reinforced concrete, we also cut asphalt, brick, block, tile, stone, and marble.
Q: How far will you travel to do a job?
A: While most Bedrock Concrete Cutting jobs are within 100 miles of our office, we will travel as far as necessary to meet our customer’s needs.
Q: Can you cut an opening without over cutting?
A: Yes, we use concrete cutting chain saws for that exact purpose. We can cut an opening with all four corners cut square. That means no over cuts to patch, or corners that have the potential to fracture or crack. [return to top]

Q: What are your core drilling capabilities?
A: Bedrock Concrete Cutting has bits from 1/2" to 6" in 1/2" increments; from 6" to 14" in 1" increments; from 16" to 48" in 2" increments and larger or special sizes can be purchased for our customer's requirements.
Q: What is the deepest hole you can drill?
A: With the drilling equipment presently in Bedrock Concrete Cutting’s inventory, the depth of a hole is almost unlimited. The deepest hole Bedrock Concrete Cutting has drilled is 50'.
Q: Can you drill a hole upside down or on an angle?
A: Yes, Bedrock Concrete Cutting’s drilling machines can be set up to operate upside down and can be adjusted to drill on any angle. [return to top]

Q: How close can you cut to an adjacent wall?
A: Bedrock Concrete Cutting can cut flush with an adjacent wall, floor or ceiling.
Q: Do you have to use water when sawing?
A: No, it is possible to saw without water. However, sawing dry requires more time and special blades/bits, also dust control can be more difficult than controlling the water used in normal sawing.
Q: How deep can you saw on a wall?
A: Bedrock Concrete Cutting is able to cut 30" deep, which allows us to cut through a wall 60" thick, if we have access to both sides of the wall.
Q: Can you saw on a ceiling?
A: Yes, ceiling sawing as well as sawing at odd angles is well within Bedrock Concrete Cutting’s capabilities. [return to top]

Q: How deep can you saw on a floor?
A: As with wall sawing, Bedrock Concrete Cutting has the ability to cut 30" deep.
Q: Can you saw inside of a building or a basement?
A: Yes, Bedrock Concrete Cutting uses hydraulic or electric exhaust-free saws for inside work.
Q: What material can be cut with a slab saw?
A: Slab sawing is an efficient & precise means of cutting any aggregate. Bedrock Concrete Cutting can saw through multiple layers simultaneously. Asphalt layered over brick and/or concrete is a common installation for older streets and lots. We have had cases where even sand is an intermediate layer. [return to top]

What people are saying about Bedrock Concrete Cutting:

I’m a Project Coordinator for Providence Health and Bedrock Concrete Cutting is the only contractor I’ll use for core drilling and or concrete cutting. They are “PROFESSIONALS” from the beginning of a project to the end of a project. Bedrock covers all phases from the layout to the clean up and they take great pride in doing the job right, doing the job safely, and coming in on time and on budget. Great people to work with.
Dave S, Project Coordinator
Portland, OR

I would like to take the time to say what a great company Bedrock Concrete Cutting is. George and his crew were very professional in their concerns for my home and what my expectations were. My project was not an easy job to do. I had to have 15,000 lbs. of concrete removed, most of which was over living space. George and his crew succeeded in accomplishing this task without any damage to the interior ceilings. I would not hesitate to recommend Bedrock and would use them in the future. [return to top]
Michael Ballis, Homeowner and Contractor
Lake Oswego, OR

From scheduling to job completion Bedrock Concrete Cutting Inc. is top notch.
Their scheduling and crew flexibility has helped us on many projects. Their crews are very professional, safety oriented (which is very important to Cascade Drilling). Their equipment is in great working condition and they always have what they need to complete our projects on time, we have not experienced any down-time with them and they always leave the job site cleaner than they found it. We really like their “can do” attitude and their attention to project detail. [return to top]
Ryan Galbreth
Cascade Drilling, L.P.
Operations/Division Manager

"I was introduced to Bedrock Concrete Cutting ten years ago and they have been my vendor of choice ever since.  They are on time and leave the workplace clean, which is extremely important in our business.  The size of a project is never a factor.  Their tooling and measurements are always precise." [return to top]
Dwayne Brantley
Physical Plant Manager
Multnomah Athletic Club

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